"The Tour" (Formally named the Perth Heat Colts Tour) made its inaugural ride in 2010 with 2 high school aged teams.  Our schedule is, and has been extremely competitive since. We will play almost every day, and occasionally mix in off-day’s that allow players and coaches to sightsee and explore local topography. The trip is designed to get “a feel” for the life of the American baseball player who plays every day during the summer, and to experience the “grind” of what it takes to play baseball at the next level.


These trips were established to create more exposure, and to give each player an opportunity to play collegiate or professional baseball.  Since the inception of the Perth Heat Colts tour in 2010, over 100 players from our trips have moved on to play college or professional baseball, most receiving college scholarships while on these trips.  Over 85% of our players that have graduated high school and played at the varsity level have been offered scholarships or played professionally. The trip alone can add at least 1 season of quality at-bats/innings pitched for any aspiring baseball player giving them valuable experience in their development. Players have the opportunity to be coached by ex-professional players, pro scouts, and current professional coaches.  Players will also have the opportunity to play against various male and female teams from almost every region in the USA and Canada.

Games and stats are kept, and live feeds for many games will be broadcasted live back Worldwide via Gamechanger.


We will travel internally in the United States via large sport-utility vehicles (GMC Yukon XL, Chevrolet Tahoe) and vans while towing trailers holding luggage and gear.


We believe that having the opportunity to travel and experiencing “the grind” of becoming a collegiate or professional baseball player is an invaluable opportunity for our kids.  It helps create independence and responsibility and provides lifelong experiences and memories off the field as well. We regularly have the opportunity to catch MLB games at such venues as the San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, Los Angeles Angels/Dodgers, New York Yankees/Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates Stadiums. We also focus on providing exhilarating tours and excursions that are non-baseball related such as: Whitewater rafting, visiting and exploring country towns, city life, national parks, and even visiting Elvis Presley’s birthplace, the Little League World Series, and Niagara Falls.


We not only aim to provide the best baseball experience possible for your child, but to provide once in a lifetime memories as well.  We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity not only for your child's baseball development but for their personal development as well.  We look forward to working with you on your next tour!


About World Baseball Showcases
About World Baseball Showcases